Is Exercise Good for Stroke? 

Although we’ve seen a lot of improvement when it comes to stroke mortality rate, the recovery rate of stroke patients has remained stagnant over the years. According to the National Stroke Association, only about 10% of stroke survivors make a full recovery whilst over 40% are forced to live with moderate-to-severe impairments that significantly impacts their everyday life. 

This stagnation could potentially be caused by lack of physical activity. Is exercise good for stroke? Well… Exercise is a great form of therapy that can help stroke patients boost their chances of full recovery. It can also help strengthen and condition the muscles of the heart and prevent stroke from recurring. 

How Does Exercise Prevents Stroke? 

With the right type of exercise therapy, a stroke survivor can lower their blood pressure (which is known to increase a person’s chances for heart failures), prevent blockages in the arteries that can incur a stroke, and it can promote better respiration by allowing blood and oxygen to pass through your heart muscles and lungs more easily. 

According to the Office of Disease Prevention, physical activity can reduce your risk of incurring another stroke by another 25% to 30%. They also confirm that it can help stroke survivors regain physical function.  

Why is Exercise Good for Stroke? 

After surviving a stroke, many patients are tasked with their own rehabilitation. Four or six months in, a lot of their recovery is dependent on their own efforts, and many survivors begin to forsake their exercise regimen. This can inhibit their recovery and increase their physical deconditioning.  

Continuing your exercise regimen should prevent most of the preventable problems that can occur if you stop too early.  

What Type of Exercise is Good for Stroke? 

Aerobic exercise is the most recommended type of exercise for stroke survivors. It varies from low to high intensity and it’s performed with the intention of pushing oxygen production to meet the amount of energy that is being generated. 

This is the best type of exercise for promoting better respiration health, and it’ll be helpful in dealing with the risk factors that can cause a stroke, which should help you with preventing stroke from recurring. The most popular forms of aerobic exercises for stroke survivors include swimming, walking, hiking, and even dancing. 

Final Thoughts: Is Exercise Good for Stroke? 

Exercise is generally good for you, but it’s doubly so for those who want to prevent a stroke from occurring. It’s also good for stroke survivors who are rehabilitating from their stroke. Not only because it can prevent stroke from recurring, but because it can help increase their chances of recovery. 


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